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A Walk in the Woods - Spring Collection

Our 2018 Spring Collection, "A Walk in the Woods", encompasses the fresh earthy scents that embody Spring! 

Growing up, a walk in the woods was nearly an everyday occurrence. Whether I was adventuring, searching for treasures, or just taking a walk to clear my head, that open air smell of nature was one that always made me feel at home. The scent of the cedar sap on your hands, the sound of the rain drops hitting the treetops above, the sounds of the birds chirping and the flowers blooming from the fresh Earth below. The way you can literally smell all of the green that surrounds you! This is what we hope to have captured in our Spring 2018 Collection. If you also hold these memories near and dear to your heart, you'll most likely find something to connect with in this collection. Won't you join us for a walk in the woods?