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Bonfires on the Farm - Tin - Wooden Wick Candle

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Bonfires on the Farm

Bonfires are a must during the fall. Your favorite jeans, boots, and a blanket next to those crackling flames and you're all set. Our Bonfires on the Farm will have you sitting fireside in no time at all from the convenience of your own living room.  For a creative twist, try burning Harvest Moon and Bonfires on the Farm at the same time!

Wooden Wick Candles

Wooden Wick Candles produce a crackle sound while burning and provide for an extra special ambiance. Upon first lighting, allow the wax to melt to the edge of the container before extinguishing flame. This ensures the life of the candle and that maximum burn time is achieved. Keep the wood wick trimmed to 1/8" before subsequent lighting. Dixie Grace candles are hand-poured using pure soy wax. Our candles are phthalate free. 

Burn Time (approximate)

  • 8 oz. - 40 to 50 hours
  • 16 oz. - 80 to 90 hours

See Candle for Basic Safety & Burning Instructions

Wood Wicks provided by Wood Wick Technologies - a Licensed Product.

Bonfires on the Farm - Tin - Wooden Wick Candle