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Frosted Cranberry - Room & Linen Spray

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Frosted Cranberry

We combined succulent Cranberry, a bit of Apple, a dash of Cinnamon and White Sugar, and a sprinkle of Ginger to bring our brand new scent, Frosted Cranberry, to life. This rich, subtly sweet deliciousness will have you at your Grandma's kitchen table on Christmas morning! Your nose (and maybe even your taste buds) will thank us! 


  • 6 oz. / 177 ml
  • Phthalate Free 
  • Non-aerosol 
  • Test on inconspicuous area of linen for color fastness before using on any linen. 

Dixie Grace Candle Company's Room & Linen Spray is perfect for a quick refresh in any room or on any linen! Hand-blended in our workshop, our Sprays are made of Witch Hazel, Distilled Water, our Phthalate Free Fragrance Oils, and finished with a natural preservative, Leucidal. Leucidal uses an all natural blend of peptides to protect our sprays from bacteria, yeast, and mold while preserving our fragrances.

Our Room & Linen Spray comes finished in a 6 oz. Bottle complete with a Fine Mist Sprayer and Soft Plastic Overcap. Don't you hate when you carry spray around and the lid cracks? We do too! Our Room & Linen Spray is non-aerosol, but still provides a nice fine mist spray to liven up any area or linen. 

We are excited to be able to offer a Room & Linen Spray that meets the growing demand of health conscious consumers. If you like Dixie Grace Candle Companies fragrances, we are confident you will love our Room & Linen Spray. 

Frosted Cranberry - Room & Linen Spray
Frosted Cranberry - Room & Linen Spray
Frosted Cranberry - Room & Linen Spray
Frosted Cranberry - Room & Linen Spray